Taking Purr-Fect Cat Photos

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1. Pay attention to backgrounds. Use simple and colorful blankets, rugs, and toys. Consider your pet’s fur color. Choose a contrasting background (or clothing, if someone will be posing with them) so your pet will ‘pop’ in the photo. Eliminate clutter so all the attention is on your pet.
2. Recruit an assistant. Have another person dangle a toy in the air and get your kitty to jump. In this situation, you can use flash to capture the fast action and you won’t get red eye because the kitty is looking at its toy. Try using burst mode to capture fast action.
3. Use natural light whenever possible. Take your pet outside. Or shoot inside next to a patch of sunlight streaming through a window. Cats love to curl-up in the warmth, so take advantage of those quiet, natural moments. Use high ISO or sports mode indoors to shoot in low light. Choose a time of day when the sun will be behind you to reduce shadows if you’re outdoors.
4. To avoid red or glowing eyes, use an adjustable flash that can be pointed upwards to bounce the light off the ceiling. Or shoot from an angle, instead of straight-on. Better yet, turn on additional lights instead of using flash.
5. Extend your reach. A camera extender is a hand-held extendable pole on which you can mount your digital camera (works best with point and shoots). You can use this to peek you camera around corners, under beds and cars, and up high on bookshelves and fridges where you can’t reach your kitty.
6. Schedule your session. If you are longing for a formal pet portrait shot, try to schedule the photo session when your animal is somewhat sleepy or has just woke up it will be much easier to keep him still then. If you want a more dynamic shot then pick up a time when your pet is energetic.
7. The best advice: Keep your camera handy! – you never know when your pet will inevitably do something that screams, “Get a picture of this!”

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