Protect your privacy

Depending on which cloud service you use, you might be sacrificing privacy for convenience.

At most cloud storage providers, employees can view users’ data. These providers can’t guarantee that a bored, curious, or dishonest employee will not view, reveal or distribute the contents of customers’ data unless the data is encrypted and the company doesn’t have the encryption key. Also, hackers have managed to break into the servers of even the world’s biggest and most respected companies. The consequences of exposed data can be severe: Identity theft, hacked accounts, private information being revealed…

Don’t take chances!

Make sure your data is encrypted, and that only YOU control your encryption key!

To maintain control over your key, you could perform your own encryption. However, this requires IT knowledge and can substantially slow your uploads because the provider is unable to ‘deduplicate’ (compare) your new files with existing ones. Or, you could choose a provider that lets you set your own private key. With this approach, you risk losing everything if you forget your password since those services are unable to remind you.

The BEST option

Use a cloud provider that practices new TruPrivacy™ encryption, like SurDoc. This encryption method uses the file itself as the encryption key, so only you have it.

  • Nobody can view your files but you – not a hacker who has full control of the cloud company’s server, not the government if your files are subpoenaed, not even the cloud company’s own employees.
  • No worries about forgetting your password and losing your data forever.

Choose a cloud service that does not put your privacy at risk!

SurDoc is the ONLY company that offers its unique patent-pending privacy TruPrivacy technology.

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